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Revealed by Star-Munchkin Revealed :iconstar-munchkin:Star-Munchkin 12 0 Sent Him Home by Star-Munchkin Sent Him Home :iconstar-munchkin:Star-Munchkin 17 0 Princess Zelda by Star-Munchkin Princess Zelda :iconstar-munchkin:Star-Munchkin 4 0 You Are the Ocean's Gray Waves, by Star-Munchkin You Are the Ocean's Gray Waves, :iconstar-munchkin:Star-Munchkin 5 2 'Eff You by Star-Munchkin 'Eff You :iconstar-munchkin:Star-Munchkin 1 0 Bad Girl Sprinkles QR Design. by Star-Munchkin Bad Girl Sprinkles QR Design. :iconstar-munchkin:Star-Munchkin 0 0 Sassichu by Star-Munchkin Sassichu :iconstar-munchkin:Star-Munchkin 0 0 Animal Crossing: New Leaf- Luna-P Shirt QR Design by Star-Munchkin Animal Crossing: New Leaf- Luna-P Shirt QR Design :iconstar-munchkin:Star-Munchkin 0 0 Animal Crossing: New Leaf- Sailor V QR Design by Star-Munchkin Animal Crossing: New Leaf- Sailor V QR Design :iconstar-munchkin:Star-Munchkin 1 2 Navarru by Star-Munchkin Navarru :iconstar-munchkin:Star-Munchkin 1 0 During Those Seven Years  by Star-Munchkin During Those Seven Years :iconstar-munchkin:Star-Munchkin 3 0
During Those Seven Years- Chapter Six: Warmth
Third person Chapter~
"Elice!" a young boy's shouts were heard through the castle halls.
He ran through the hall, his sapphire hair flowing. He reached a door and shouted her name once more, "Elice!"
A teenage girl with matching sapphire hair sat at her desk covered in many books on healing magic. Her face was buried in one about staves, heals, and mends. She was so succumbed into this book that she couldn't hear the young boy's shouts.
The boy knocked on her door, "Elice, come on! Get your face out of those books and enjoy some outside air!"
The girl's head perked up and sighed. She walked towards the door to open it, "Yes, Marth. I guess I'll come along."
"Healing books?"
Elice nodded, "I've been reading for awhile. I'm interested in becoming a healer. I need to look into magic books as well," she paused as she put down her book, "Hey, we should see Merric. I want to see if he has any light tomes."
Marth agreed and proceeded to the castle entrance where they run into a very built old
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Marth x Zelda by Star-Munchkin Marth x Zelda :iconstar-munchkin:Star-Munchkin 2 0
During Those Seven Years- Chapter Five: Carnival
"Yes! They're staying red!" Impa said as she peered into my eyes.
Impa handed me her dagger and I turned it sideways. I could see in the reflection that my eyes, once blue are now red.
She smiled proudly at me, "Heh, I thought it would take about a year for you to use your power to change your eye color. It only took a month. You're a fast learner."
"It wasn't easy. Combat and techniques will probably be easy," I replied.
Impa shook her head, "No, no. It took a long time to learn how to stun with deku nuts and "disappear". What you've just done is your own power. The Triforce of Wisdom enables you to alter your appearance."
"Oh. Impa, do you really disappear?" I asked.
"No. As soon as the nut hits the ground, I swiftly move away without a sound." she said.
"That does sound hard." I replied.
Cremia came running down the hill we sat by. Her face was lit up with excitement.
"The carnival is tonight! I can't believe you haven't got a mask yet." She said to me.
"Where could I get one?"
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What Will You Do Now? by Star-Munchkin What Will You Do Now? :iconstar-munchkin:Star-Munchkin 7 1
During Those Seven Years- Chapter Four: Tyrant
A quick Author's Note here to ease confusion. This chapter is in third person and shows what Ganondorf is doing while "Sheik" trains. (Insert YouTube Poop quote here "I just wonder what Ganon's up to") Enjoy!
Somewhere in a torn land with dark rolling clouds, is a dark tower. Within it, is a large man sitting on a throne. A redheaded woman with caramel colored skin runs in and kneels before him.
"My lord, forgive me. We haven't caught sight of the princess." she spoke. Her yellow eyes looking up at him in respect.
The man's thick red eyebrows furrowed and his hand balled into a fist, "Damn it all!" he growled.
The woman bowed and ran out of the throne room before she could get hurt.
"Running off are you?" the man cackled, "Very well. Guards! Take the slop out to the ReDeads or else you'll become the same!"
"Yes, Lord Ganondorf!" said two women.
They ran to the woman and grabbed her. She screamed as she was dragged down the hallway.
"Koume and Kotake!" Ganondorf yelled.
Two balls
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This is great stuffffffff.


It has certainly been awhile. Well, after my previous entry, I started to have extreme issues with anxiety. For the past few months it has been at the highest caliber and has gotten to the point where I've lost all interest in my passions. Last month was definitely terrifying for me since it brought me down so much I barely ate, slept, and left the house. I literally feel like I'm losing my mind and spirit to the thing that has wasted my youth for several years.

Since it has reached that point I'm currently trying to get help but the place won't call me back. On the plus side though, I'm slowly picking up the pieces and I'm able to leave the house and got my appetite back. However sleep is still an issue since I've been worrying about what time I sleep. Fun, fun.

Good news is, I'm getting back into writing and doing some moderate changes to During Those Seven Years because Breath of the Wild gifted me some great ideas I should incorporate in~ Check out chapter 1 to see the changes~ gonna work on chapter 2 and on soon.
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Hello. Here's a brief bio. I first got into art and drawing when I was thirteen years old but I'm having bouts of going into writing. I graduated in 2015 and I'm currently thinking about attempting to get into art school since my grandmother that passed away in September of 2015 told me I should.
I'm currently in a relationship with my dear Trevor and he'll appear in some of my photos and artwork.
I will add his icon below but I don't recommend following because he has no interest in posting anything. ^^; He may post pixel art if he gets more into it.
:iconarrowplz: :iconflatearther97:
Enjoy what I post y'all~

:iconmarthxzeldaplz: My OTP~ :iconiloveitplz:
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